Hey folks!

My name is Ted Simpson III (aka Ted the Dreamer on social media) and I am the founder of a family business/organization called The Dreamers Guild.  I created The Dreamers Guild back in 2009 as a result of constant dreams that showed me what a world might be like if we were able to live in peace and learned to practice cooperation rather than competition, inclusion rather than exclusion, diversification rather than segregation.  It was as if these dreams were pushing me to try to do something, anything, in order to make a difference so that future generations might experience true freedom and not live out their lives in servitude to a system designed to keep us in perpetual debt, keeping us distracted by pitting us against one another and working endlessly, not for ourselves but for the betterment of our employers.

As a former contract IT Project Manager with diminishing technological skills, I have been forced to transition into a different livelihood, sooner than anticipated.  So now I am trying diligently to bring my dreams to fruition, both to both support me and my family, and to lay the groundwork for what I hope will become a legacy for my descendants. As I learn the eCommerce and internet business in general, I will thoroughly document what has helped me to be successful as well as the many stumbling blocks along the way so that It can pass that information to others whom I hope will eventually join me in The Dreamers Guild organization. A major part of this undertaking involves raising money, not by asking for donations or by using a vehicle such as GoFundMe or by taking out expensive loans, but through the development of The Dreamers Guild enterprises such as Dreamporium, and Dream Travel Center.  As I learn to be self sufficient, it is my hope to both teach and learn from others who might join me in this endeavor, so that we may grow and support one another in the pursuit of our individual and cumulative goals.  It is time for us to take the lead and demonstrate by example, the power and strength of unity.

It’s time for us to remove the chains and shackles from our minds so that we can think and feel clearly, without the encumbrances of dated beliefs, practices and policies. I want the future for our children to give birth to a new reality predicated on the promise of peace and prosperity for all who dare to dream of it. In the space between my dreams and that envisioned reality lies much, much more hard work than this old man could ever hope to achieve alone. I pray that others who may be reading this will embrace the cause and that the cause will become a movement that inspires mankind to alter the course towards his ultimate destiny … one in lockstep with the master plan, OUR creator’s plan, whatever he/she may be called in whatever language.

I DESPERATELY want the world to change and I am prepared to give the rest of my life trying to make a difference. To this end I know I must truly believe in the process and that I must engage many others in this journey… people of great intellect, people with extraordinary commitment, boundless energy, clairvoyant vision, generous humility, unfaltering loyalty and most of all, the passion and the belief that we can and will alter the current destructive, apocalyptic path of humanity towards a path of reason and common sense.

In conclusion, we simply must change. We must aspire to be much better than we are and care enough to create the steps necessary to make those changes. In The Dreamers Guild is where I have started to build my dreams into reality. It is the place where I hope others will join me to share their dreams and to work with me to bring our dreams to fruition.

Please look for The Dreamers Guild enterprises online in the very near future! Where is it? Being forged into reality!