2PCS Ribbon Bath Ball Shower Sponge Gentle Exfoliating Mesh Bath Ball(Pink) (PS-BEA11056551-MC00426)

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Ships from Hong Kong. This sponge allows you to gently cleanse those hard to reach areas when in the shower or bath. The soft sponge give your skin a refreshing and effective cleaning. Avaliable for using by both hands, easy to clean and quick to dry, it will glide smoothly and would not scratch your skin.Say goodbye to dead skin cells and hello to soft, smooth skin brought to you by this sponge. Size:hang rope 12cm long and the diameter of the ball is 11cm. Material Type: high density polyethylene. Easy clean,easy dry,suspensibility. Gently massages away dead skin cells whilst clean. Moisten body puff and apply a small amount of shower gel.